Thursday, 15 January 2015

What You Need to Begin iOS Programming

Apple iPhones are considered as most advanced smartphones available in the market today. The power of iPhones can be explored using the Apps and Games. As of July 2014, Apple's Store has more than 1.3 million applications optimized for iPhones and other gadgets.  There is huge demand for quality iOS Apps and Games in the market. Adversely, it increased the demand iOS developers capable of developing quality Apps and Games. 

In recent years, India is growing to be the major offshore mobile application centers in World. It has opened huge career prospects for iOS developers. Thus, iOS Training will help professionals to bloom with the raise of mobile application development. Here are some important tips to become an iOS Developer.

Get Necessary Tools:

To create mobile Apps for iOS you need to have Mac computer. Then, you need to get necessary development tools named Xcode. This software is available in the Apple developer Web site or from Mac App Store. By installing this application, you can write and compile iOS Apps on your personal computers. Xcode software has two important tools for developer's iOS simulator and Xcode. The iOS simulator allows you to run and test application on your Mac computers. The second one is the Interface builder. This tool provides programming objects and controls needed to create the iPhone applications.

Learn C and object C Programming Language:

The C programing language is the successor of Objective C. It is main programming language used for iPhone mobile application development. IOS developers are recommended to learn the C programming language. Without the knowing the OOPS concept, it is difficult to developing high quality application for iPhone. You need to be familiar with other concepts like memory management, objective C and Object Orientation in programming methodology. IOS Training from reputed training center covers whole syllabus required for iPhone mobile application development.

Learn iOS environment:

With in-depth knowledge in Objective C programming language, you can lean iOS mobile application development environment easily. Developers use Interface Developer for creating custom interface for iPhone applications. There are several training institutes offering training on iOS mobile application development. You need to choose reputed training academy that offer professional training through experienced trainers.

Register an Apple Developer Account


Don’t mix this up with the paid iOS Developer Program that we’re going to talk about in later section. Everyone can register as an Apple developer for free. By registering the developer account, you’re allowed to download Xcode, access documentation of the iOS SDK and other technical resources such as development videos.
You can go to Apple’s developer website for registration. The registration process is very straightforward. Simply create an Apple ID (if you don’t have) and fill in your personal profile. 

Market your Own Application: (Optional)

When you are ready with your custom application, you need to register with iOS Developer Program. The annual subscription cost is $99. Once registering, you become an official iOS developer & can upload and sell your own apps. You can able to submit your application to the iOS App Store and make sustainable income from the potential iPhone users from all over the world.

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